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Case Studies

Hong Song


I came to know about NARI EKTA in 2004 when I was recommended by a friend who was planning to take the training from them.

I took the initial English language course from NARI EKTA at that moment. Their management team was in a professional level and they looked after the trainees well. Since then, I had been looking for a chance to take the career-led training course. Finally I made it to come true in 2014 when I joined Nari Ekta Training programme at Enfield Centre. During my training period, NARI EKTA team sorted out everything fairly and effectively. They organised and selected the placement trainees to undergo the course related training with NHS, Leeds City Council and some other organisations. They monitored the trainees, communicated with the placement bodies, provided loads of references, responded the course queries properly.

As a non-native speaker from China, I always feel that NARI EKTA is my career home where I like to come because Jaspal, Gursharn and Anita are always so supportive and helpful whenever I seek advice from them.

If without NARI EKTA, I could not imagine that I would have got so many good chances to have received my OCR Diploma, Award, Certificates, placement, references even if my current job.

Their office has been managed very well and it is located in an excellent venue in the centre of Leeds. It is very convenient for us to visit them whatever we are in need of their support in relation to the training, e.g., one of our course mates suffered the family problem who was new in the local area and she felt too helpless to find a body to raise her case. It was NARI EKTA helped her and supported her to make her to feel better with confidence. Such positive cases from NARI EKTA help women from Asia, support the communities, promote the adult education and job marketing in the main society.

NARI EKTA is well known by the minority women and families. They do significant job for helping Asian women’s in further education and training. Definitely, I recommend anyone around me to come to or take the training from NARI EKTA. I do hope the government or authorities to keep supporting NARI EKTA for helping the minority women in order to help our next generations in the UK!

We need NARI EKTA; Asian women need NARI EKTA; families need NARI EKTA.

Hong Song is currently working as shop assistant at Leeds Bradford airport


Priti Dube


Thank you for being an excellent educational support provider. I appreciate your time, your patience and your hard work for giving me quality education and job training. I would like to give special thanks to Anita who trained me for the interview and supported me whenever required.

Thank you Nari Ekta and Anita for all your effort. Your support makes lot of positive difference in us.

Priti Dube got job at Freshways as admin asistant

Ritu Arora


My Experience of getting Training at Nari Ekta:

It helped me shape my career

Like other usual migrants from India, I also came to UK with my husband after marriage, leaving my job as a banker in Delhi, India. After being busy for next few years with my child being born and growing up, I started looking for work options. Nothing promising came up and despite having decent qualifications and work experience, I hardly even got interview calls.

After coming to Leeds, I got in touch with Nari Ekta. Even in my initial meeting with Anita, I got immense support with CV building. Subsequently I joined Administration Level 2 course as suggested to enhance my office based skills and to be familiar with generic UK legal Acts. I joined the course and added it to my CV. When I restarted my search I was surprised to see I started getting calls for interviews due to my upgraded CV and joining the course.

I found the course helpful in regaining my confidence, brushing up my skills and be more aware of general laws. My teachers and Nari Ekta Team were extremely helpful.

I soon got an interview call from NHS and was given lot of interview preparation support by Nari Ekta. It helped me get through the interview and allowed me flexibility to finish the course at my own pace.

I now work as Clerical Officer in Children’s Services in LGI. It has changed my life in a positive way and I owe my success to Nari Ekta.

Ritu Arora is working with NHS as Clerical Officer in Children’s Services


Manpreet Kaur

I came over from abroad to settle down with my husband. I worked in India for 9 years and wanted to continue over here as well. I looked for job and found part time job(one day) at store but I was not happy to do that job as I had working experience  with HR, Administration, Recruitment, Training and system implementation department.

My mother-in-law introduced me to Nari Ekta. I discussed with Nari Ekta Staff about my situation, work experience, work status and asked them to help me to get job in administration department.

Then one day, Ms Gursharan informed me about work placement opportunity with Leeds City Council and helped me to fill the forms. I got shortlisted, had interview and got selected.

I worked with Leeds City Council at Belgrave House from 04/01/2016 till 18/06/2016. All the staff at Belgrave house was really co-operative. My Manager always helped and motivated me to do new tasks and then I applied for full time permanent job within council. I got selected and now I am working as a support assistant in Children Social Work Services at South Seacroft One Stop Centre, Moresdale Lane from 27/06/2016.

I am really happy with my current job and pay my sincere thanks to all Nari Ekta Team for supporting me all the time and giving me opportunity to work with Leeds City Council.

I wish all the best to Nari Ekta for future endeavours.

Manpreet is working as a support assistant in Children Social Services, Seacroft.


Harneek Kaur

I came to Leeds in March 2016 on spouse VISA. I worked in India with renowned companies and had good work experience.

After coming to Leeds, I started looking for a job based on my previous experience and education. I applied for many jobs, registered on several job search sites but did not get any response from anywhere despite having good professional experience and education. I started to feel demoralised and was losing confidence in myself.

Then, I came to know about Nari Ekta in September 2016. I decided to visit Nari Ekta and to discuss with them. They listened my situation very patiently and suggested me to do Work for skills and bookkeeping courses to improve my skills and to find a job. They also offered me voluntary work to gain my experience in Leeds, UK.

I immediately joined Nari Ekta and this proved to be a good decision.

Gursharn, Anita and Jaspal are very supportive and helpful whenever I seek advice from them. They also assisted to structure my CV and cover letter and provided me the guidance. I mentioned about my courses and voluntary work in Nari Ekta in the CV.

I gained more knowledge about the general rules and laws about the city, about work culture here and enhanced my skills and confidence.

I got a call from a reputed organisation and successfully passed my interview. I am now working as an Operations Administrator in AECOM Limited company, Leeds.

Thank you Nari Ekta team for all your support and efforts.

Nari Ekta is an excellent gateway for Asian women and Ethnic minority communities, providing them opportunities of education and training to get the employment and to develop their confidence.

I do recommend to everyone.

I wish you all the best !

Harneek is working as a Operations Administrator in AECOM Ltd, Leeds.